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Joe Dante Trailers from Hell interview

By and large, Joe Dante’s films are my reasons to justify the existence of the 1980’s. His films are an amazing combination of manic energy, zany comedy, and creepy horror. They’re loaded with movie references and recurring actors. His specialty is an average existence run amok by outside sources. Think Stephen Spielberg’s kid friendly efforts but supplant sentimentality with Looney Tunes-like chaos. I love the man’s films.

Since our own Dan Halstead has engaged in several Trailer Wars and Joe Dante co-created the site Trailers from Hell (he started off making trailers for Roger Corman), I thought it appropriate to share this interview with Dante about Trailers from Hell, his experience in cutting trailers, and his films. I’ve long been fascinated by trailers and if you have too, this interview is for you.

Thanks to This Week in Horror for the interview.


Edgar Wright Movie Mash-up

I’ve posted a lot of amateur-edited movie mash-ups in this space but I never really give thought to the editors of those compilations. Now we have Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) giving the world his own mash-up done when he was a lad of but 19. I must confess, I always thought of the mash-ups as a bit of fun never realizing how valuable the cutting experience is to the person editing. It makes me wish I’d thought of doing it (though, I guess it’s not too late). Anyway, per his request, Edgar Wright’s words on the subject (may be slightly NSFW due to a bit of gore):

Gun Fetish (1993)

Recently I have been sent, have enjoyed and have reposted lots of filmic mash ups and montages. Some of them by editors as young as nineteen, such as Joel Walden who gave us this most recently.

The montages I’m sent make me a little nostalgic, because that’s exactly what I was doing at age 19. In between making amateur no budget films as a teen, I’d teach myself to edit by cutting together montages of movie clips on a theme. You might have heard me talking to Kevin Smith about it on a recent podcast.

The following clip I edited together while at Bournemouth Art College. Way before I’d ever seen an Avid suite, this was done over some long weekends locked in a VHS tape to tape editing suite. Yes, VHS!

So if you are wondering about the low quality of the sound and visuals in the following montage, there’s a simple answer. All of the clips were sourced from either films I’ve recorded off the TV, sell thru VHS tapes I had bought and also films that happened to be in the college library. I literally had piles of VHS tapes in the edit suite. So that explains some of the glitchy clips.

As for the audio edits, hey it was VHS and I was 19. This is the first time I used a ‘real’ editing suite.

So cast your minds back to the last century and see how I misspent my youth; cutting together bullet ballets to John Lennon’s melodic attack on the NRA.

I give you my 1993 mash up; ‘Gun Fetish’.

Now a couple of things. Before any of you comment “Where’s —– or ——”, bear in mind that the 19 year old me had a limited supply of tapes at the time. Most of these are one I copied off the telly.

I haven’t, as is customary, included a list of the clips, as I thought you guys could guess them all. First one to guess them all in order, including close ups, I will send a little prize.

Apologies to any rights holders, I was young I didn’t know what I was doing. Please don’t arrest me.

And finally. I have another one, if you’d like to see…

It’s raining again, so let’s go for a 4-minute hike

Chalk this up as the coolest thing I’ve seen all day. Kevin Gallagher had the brilliant idea to take 24 pictures on 24 successive steps each day of his 6 months hiking the Appalachian Trail. The result is a hypnotic look at what it’s like to traverse from Georgia to Maine.

Aside from illustrating quite beautifully what 24 frames per second actually looks like, there is an incredible amount of information to be garnered from this video about the nature of filmmaking, the nature of hiking, and, well, the nature of nature. I won’t bore you with an essay on that, though.

Grab a copy of Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods and come along for the hike:

h/t Deadspin

RoboCop to Defend a Very Limited Section of Detroit?

RoboCop shall not be denied. Not if the denizens of the internet have anything to say about it, at least. Even though Detroit’s mayor already rejected plans for a RoboCop statue, that didn’t stop concerned citizens from uniting against the powers that be to raise the money themselves. Whether the statue will be erected is still up in air, though.

Please, please, please keep the mask on.

I happen to think that this is awesome. As the Kickstarter points out, Philly has a statue of Rocky, so why not? Plus, there are statues of fictional characters/beings all over the world, just none as awesome as RoboCop.

Alternatively, if they want to put up a statue of RowBoat Cop, I’m OK with that, too.


Ip Man 2… with Puppets!

Because I know you’ve all come to see the awesome Ip Man 2 at the Hollywood, I know you’ll appreciate seeing it again, in three minutes, with puppets! Simply lots of fun and even has a cameo by someone quite famous. And if you haven’t seen Ip Man 2, hopefully this will inspire you.

14 Actors Acting

No, it’s not from the director’s cut of The 12 Days of Christmas (much like many hotels, the writers of the 12 Days of Christmas skipped 13 when they toyed around with The 14 Days of Christmas).  NYTimes.com put together this awesome compilation of 14 actors doing what they do best.

I’m quite partial to Javier Bardem’s shattering performance (it looks like fun), Matt Damon’s spins, and Vincent Cassell’s dancing (because even though I don’t really care for dancing, deep down, I wish I could do it with style and grace).  This aligns pretty much with my taste in films where I’d rather watch something… whimsical (for lack of a better term) than an intense personal drama (sorry Tilda).  Still, everything is beautiful.

Some fun links to spend your time with

On this day of football and commercials, you’re going to need a break from the festivities at some point.  Or maybe you’re trying to avoid the festivities all together.  Either way, I’ve got some time killers for you.

First is this list of the 50 Most Controversial Movies ever from Time Out New York.  There are a lot of lists that seem to be lacking, but this one is pretty solid.  I have a certain degree of pride that I’ve seen many of them.  Some of the images are NSFW, but that’s for future readers, for today is Sunday.  And as I said, if you’re looking to avoid football but would like some type of artful brutality, there’s plenty to choose from on the list.

This other link will kill your time if you have any interest in seeing how deep the program’s knowledge is.  OK, so it’s actually a bunch of general thesis ideas that you retroactively can fit to the film you’d like to write about, but is that any less valid that it generating a specific thesis for the film?  It’s a pretty fun exercise to see if you can finagle a relationship out of the film and thesis.  Who knows, maybe you will be inspired.