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Trailer Tuesday

The return of Queen of the Sun

Legend of the Fist


British Movie

This one goes out to anyone who has ever watched a British film and not understood a word of it. Or, conversely, anyone who wishes that we had more foreign films. Either way, they both need subtitles.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Slappy New Year!

So it’s a little late for that post title, but “Slapsgiving” was already taken.  And if there’s one thing I know in this world, it’s that people love seeing people getting slapped by people (may need to substitute species for some clips).  I only wish the following wasn’t movies only so the “Glove Slap” episode of the Simpsons and the aforementioned How I Met Your Mother could be included.  Enjoy!

The Willamette Week Give Guide

None of these are my words, but I thought it’d be good to post here, so enjoy!

Fresh on the heels of winning our Portland Monthly “Light A Fire Award” for Arts & Culture, we are pleased to share some great information with you: Willamette Week has chosen us to participate in their annual Give!Guide effort!

Our goal is to raise at least $5,000 through the Give!Guide to fund the completion of the Hollywood Theatre media lab. Located in the storefront adjacent to the Theatre’s main entrance, the media lab will house our existing educational programs, while enabling us to provide educational opportunities for students at nearby schools, including Grant High. Grant has nothing in the way of film production facilities, but with access to our equipment, media lab and instructors, students will have the opportunity to participate in filmmaking classes beginning in September 2011.

With your help, we can make a big difference in the lives of young people. Here are just a few comments on the impact PYD has had on recent participants:

“I learned that I can step out and be a leader and share my ideas” – Carli Pope, FAO filmmaking student

“[Carter] learned to think for himself, collaborate with others and make new friends. He bacame a young man in the process. Thanks for much for offering this great program.” – Kendra Hogue, mother

The other thing that completing this project will offer is that inside the classroom there will be an all new ADA restroom which will help us better serve our customers with disabilities.

Donate generously to Film Action Oregon via the Give!Guide effort today.

Not only will you make a huge community impact, you will be rewarded handsomely by the wonderful folks at the Willamette Week for your generosity!

–If you give $50 – $99.99 via the Give!Guide, you’ll get a postcard containing a batch of coupons.
–Next, if you’re 35 or under and give the $10 minimum, you’re automatically entered in a drawing for all manner of goodies including a check from Willamette Week for $500.
–At $500, there’s home delivery of a nice, recyclable New Seasons grocery bag containing a bottle of A to Z Wineworks finest, a 12-ounce bag of freshly roasted Stumptown coffee beans, tea from Smith Tea, and a 22-ounce Widmer beer.
–A $1,000 donation ups the wine component — to Rex Hill Reserve Pinot Noir and adds some fancy Moonstruck chocolate.
–At $2,500 or more the wine and chocolate get better, and you get one of Willamette Week’s owners — Publisher Richard Meeker or Editor Mark Zusman — at your door with a further enhanced shopping bag.

Please help us get the word out — and make sure that everyone you know visits and makes a contribution to Film Action Oregon. Give away!

Thanks for your continued support!

Richard Beer – Artistic Director
Doug Whyte – Executive Director
Justen Harn – Education and Outreach Director

Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo

Friday, October 8 — 7 PM
Director Bradley Beesley in attendance

I’m not much of rodeo sort of fellow.  It’s not really a ethical stance; I guess I just don’t like cowboy hats all that much.  My time at farm shows and fairs are usually spent around the food stands and the animals (or as I like to call them, pre-food). I have no problem passing on the rodeo aspects and certainly don’t feel that I’m missing out on anything.

But a prison rodeo?  Now I’m listening.

I don’t know what it is about that one word that makes it that much more intriguing.  Actually, I do know part of it.  There’s a sort of romanticism of prisoners.  They’re mysterious.  What did they do?  How long are they in for?  Why did they do it?  If you hear someone has been in jail, you tend to think the worst (an episode of the American version of The Office dealt with this to great effect).  These men and women, for a brief period of time, are no longer convicts, but the subject of the public’s cheers and adulation.  It adds an entirely new layer to the idea of a rodeo.

Reel Rock Film Tour

Thursday, October 7 — 7 PM

I’ve been climbing on and off for about five years now and am better than I’ve ever been, but when I watch these people, it leaves me standing in silent awe.  They are doing things that don’t seem humanly possible (especially if you, like me, suffer under the delusion that if you can’t do it, it can’t be done).

I’ve got to say, watching the trailer for the Reel Rock Film Tour, it heartens me to see them falling.  It brings them back down to my level, which is good, because they are so far above me that it’s ridiculous.  The overwhelming feeling I get from the trailer is, “That’s amazing!  I want to do that!”

There are six short films being shown in the tour which you can read about here.  This event will be huge, so get there early and bring a sense of adventure and wonder!


Now Showing

Tis the season.  I love October.  As far as months go, it’s my favorite.  Lovely, cool weather.  Leaves changing.  The smell in the air.  The sunlight seems to be constantly set at “magic hour.”  Playoff baseball.  And, of course, Halloween.

Pumpkin carving.  Costumes.  Candy.  (Lists).  And scary movies.  I’ve been known to schedule month-long horror movie fests for friends (two or three a night).  I’ll wake up first thing in the morning and pop in a horror movie to watch with my morning oatmeal (I was tried strawberry jam on toast, but it looked a bit too much like the blood on screen and kind of messed with my head).

And just in time for October, the Hollywood Theatre is bringing you Colin, a zombie movie told from the perspective of a zombie.  It showed at Cannes and got much attention for allegedly being shot for only 45 pounds (I don’t know how to find the symbol for pound on my computer) and shot on a standard Panasonic mini-DV recorder.  One of the things I’ve always loved about the horror genre is how the low-budget seems to wiggle through the tangle of films and get seen some way or another.  Lots of interesting filmmakers started out in the genre (Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson, John Sayles as a writer, Joe Dante, etc.), so it’s always interesting to see a first time filmmaker pop up with something unique.