Joe Dante Trailers from Hell interview

By and large, Joe Dante’s films are my reasons to justify the existence of the 1980’s. His films are an amazing combination of manic energy, zany comedy, and creepy horror. They’re loaded with movie references and recurring actors. His specialty is an average existence run amok by outside sources. Think Stephen Spielberg’s kid friendly efforts but supplant sentimentality with Looney Tunes-like chaos. I love the man’s films.

Since our own Dan Halstead has engaged in several Trailer Wars and Joe Dante co-created the site Trailers from Hell (he started off making trailers for Roger Corman), I thought it appropriate to share this interview with Dante about Trailers from Hell, his experience in cutting trailers, and his films. I’ve long been fascinated by trailers and if you have too, this interview is for you.

Thanks to This Week in Horror for the interview.


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