Trailer War!

Gauntlets have been thrown down. Taunts have been shouted (or posted on Facebook). It’s nearly time for the epic Trailer War showdown between hometown favorite, The Hollywood Theatre (I’m biased… so what?) and the Clinton Street Theater. Who’s got the better reel: Hollywood’s own Dan Halsted or Clinton Street’s Seth Sonstein?

Clinton Street Theater owner Seth Sonstein has challenged Hollywood Theatre film programmer (and Grindhouse Film Festival organizer) Dan Halsted to a 35mm throwdown! Each side will dig deep into their collections of 35mm film trailers, have 30 minutes each on-screen, and then we’ll let the audience decide who the winner is. No matter which side loses, the audience will definitely win. This is guaranteed to be a night of jaw-dropping, whiplash-inducing cinematic insanity!

The Trailer War takes place Wednesday, March 16th at 7:30 at the Hollywood Theatre. Advance tickets can be purchased here.


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