Kung Fu Double Feature

Because there really isn’t anything I can add to this (aside from trailers), I’m just going to let the press release do the talking.

This Saturday March 5th at the Hollywood Theatre, The Grindhouse Film Festival presents an incredible kung fu double feature: the martial arts masterpiece INVINCIBLE POLE FIGHTER (at 7pm) and the Wu-Tang classic THE BASTARD SWORDSMAN (at 9pm).  Extremely rare 35mm prints of two of the greatest crowd-pleasing martial arts films ever made!  If you’ve never seen two kung fu masters fight it out inside a large flying cocoon, or witnessed an entire army having their teeth ripped out, here’s your chance!  These movies both use all of the same Shaw Brothers sets, so seeing them back to back will be an interesting experience.  Also, the Hollywood Theatre now has beer (and is still all-ages).

INVINCIBLE POLE FIGHTER (aka Eight Diagram Pole Fighter) (1984) A family of fighters is ambushed by invaders in a fierce battle that leaves the family’s father and four of six brothers dead.  One of the remaining brothers (the Master Killer himself, Gordon Liu) swears revenge, and forces his way into the Shaolin Temple to master his pole fighting skills.  When his younger sister is kidnapped by the invaders, it’s payback time.  After numerous jaw-dropping fight scenes, there is a massive climactic battle that ranks among the greatest action scenes in movie history.  This film is directed by martial arts master Lau Kar Leung and stars Gordon Liu (36th CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN, KILL BILL).  If you ask me, this is the greatest kung fu film ever made.

THE BASTARD SWORDSMAN (1983)  Every ten years, the Wu Tang Clan has a duel with their rival clan. The chief of the Wu Tang has devoted his life to learning “The Silkworm Technique” of sword fighting, but has failed to master it. At the same time, an orphan in the clan is refused in his requests to learn martial arts until a masked stranger begins training him. Before long, all roads will converge in high-flying sword fighting excitement and surreal special effects. Prepare for your mind to melt out of your skull when the Bastard unleashes his Silkworm Style!  If you’ve never seen two kung fu masters fight it out inside a large flying cocoon, here’s your chance!

Weird kung fu trailers before each movie.

Advance tickets can be purchased here.


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