Some Hollywood Theatre Photos

In my every day scouring of the internet, I came across this IFC article about theater nostalgia and the reality of the situation which led me to I’d been there before when I first moved to Portland and was looking up information on various theaters around town, but I didn’t read the comments. Having been directed there once again, I took it upon myself to look up the Hollywood Theatre to see what people had to say. It turns out that a lot of people want to share photos.

I think most of us have seen these beautiful shots around the theater lobby or in the Theaters of Portland book, but I took more of an interest in the photos from the second run era which Cinema Treasures describes as,

Although still standing, the Hollywood Theatre spent the last 30 years quietly slipping into a state of disrepair, operating as a nearly forgotten discount movie house.

(The site says much nicer things about it’s current situation.)

Here are some photos of that time period (and one from way earlier). It’s also kind of neat to catch glimpses of the building that used to occupy the vacant lot next door.

Dwight D. Eisenhower and his wife campaining, driving in car, waving to crowds.


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