Some things to get you excited for the Oscars

In the lead up to the Oscar telecast (which the Hollywood Theatre will be screening for free!), I thought I’d supply you with some links to ramp up your excitement.

Did I mention we will be showing the Oscars? I did? Well then, in addition to that, we’ll be having a Predict the Winners Contest. It’s time to get an edge on the competition. Oh, and Paul Feig’s picks (creator of Freaks and Geeks, in case ya didn’t know).

We’ll also be having themed cocktails based on all of the Best Picture Nominees (I happen to know what some of the concoctions are and they are pretty clever and amazing, but no spoilers from me!). With that in mind, The New York Times had some New York bartenders create cocktails based on the four acting categories. Check it out and see how ours measure up (maybe we’ll have something like last year’s Avatar-inspired drink that left everyone walking around with blue tongues).

Finally, Life posted an amazing photo spread of historical Oscar pictures. There’s a lot of humor, emotion, and beauty captured here and something about the black and white photography calls to me.

That’s all for now. See you Sunday!


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