Some fun links to spend your time with

On this day of football and commercials, you’re going to need a break from the festivities at some point.  Or maybe you’re trying to avoid the festivities all together.  Either way, I’ve got some time killers for you.

First is this list of the 50 Most Controversial Movies ever from Time Out New York.  There are a lot of lists that seem to be lacking, but this one is pretty solid.  I have a certain degree of pride that I’ve seen many of them.  Some of the images are NSFW, but that’s for future readers, for today is Sunday.  And as I said, if you’re looking to avoid football but would like some type of artful brutality, there’s plenty to choose from on the list.

This other link will kill your time if you have any interest in seeing how deep the program’s knowledge is.  OK, so it’s actually a bunch of general thesis ideas that you retroactively can fit to the film you’d like to write about, but is that any less valid that it generating a specific thesis for the film?  It’s a pretty fun exercise to see if you can finagle a relationship out of the film and thesis.  Who knows, maybe you will be inspired.


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