More on Shrinking Windows

I posted at lenght (at least for this blog) about the shrinking windows between theatrical release and home availability here before, so I won’t belabor the point.  Amongst the info on Warner Bros. successful year in this Variety article is a quote from Jeff Bewkes one finds the following quote:

We’ll increase our investments in programming, production and marketing even more than we did last year. We’ll keep pushing to accelerate new digital business models.

It seems harmless enough, but taken in conjunction with Bewkes ” saying event films have proved ‘more consistently profitable’ for the studio than smaller movies,” one can’t help but be concerned.  For one, it’s sad to think that studios will become even less willing to take a chance on something new or interesting.  For another, it adds more fuel to the idea of releasing smaller movies on alternative media along with in the theater.  I’m not familiar with many filmmakers who don’t wish for theatrical release, though having their films seen will hopefully lead to better things.

Perhaps I’m making much out of little, but it’s something I’m definitely keeping my eyes on.


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