Golden Globes

Sorry about the delay in posts, but after the Portlandia festivities, it only felt right (and necessary) for me to take it easy this weekend.  In the interim, the Golden Globes happened. (we happen to be showing the night’s big winner, The Social Network currently, in case ya didn’t know).

I didn’t actually watch the ceremony.  I believe I was watching To Catch a Thief at the time (or perhaps The Expendables).  Regardless, there’s been lots of press about Ricky Gervais’ opening monologue and act throughout the show.  I’m an unapologetic Gervais fan.  He never fails to make me laugh and I thought he was hysterical in the clips I’ve seen.  It’s nice to see someone (anyone, really) try to take the wind out of the sails of these silly award shows and he didn’t say anything that any millions of people haven’t joked about before.  I find it funnier simply because many of the targets were actually there, kind of like when Colbert took on Bush.  Here’s the Gervais clip:

Amidst all of the hubbub over the mean-spiritedness of Gervais’ comments, I’ve seen many defenders point to Robert Downey Jr’s preamble to the Best Actress Comedy/Musical category (and he, himself, brings up the nasty nature of the jokes).  It occurred to more than a few that perhaps Downey’s presentation was not in the best taste either and perhaps more offensive than anything Gervais said:

I tend to feel that both are obviously joking and don’t really subscribe to what they are saying, but what do you think?  Did Gervais take it too far?  What’d you think of the entire night of Golden Globes?  Even though there were some questionable nominations, it seems those who won deserved it.


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