Grindhouse Film Fest: Maniac

What better way to shake of the post-Portlandia Premiere/After Party festivities than to return to the Hollywood for the Grindhouse Film Fest?  It’s not often that I’ve actually seen one of Dan’s presentations beforehand, and even less often that a film gets under my skin like Maniac.  In fact, I had to cleanse my pallet before bed with Memoirs of an Invisible Man just so I wouldn’t go to sleep with the events of Maniac on my mind.

Saturday night at 7:30 at the Hollywood Theatre, The Grindhouse Film Festival presents a brand new 35mm print of William Lustig’s violent horror classic MANIAC.  This is one of the greatest horror movies ever made.  All information and advance tickets on the website:

MANIAC (1980) A psychopath is roaming the streets of New York City, killing and scalping women.  He nails the scalps to mannequins in his disgusting apartment, and the film begins to delve deep into the twisted mind of this deranged killer.  This intense and disturbing film includes a powerful performance by Joe Spinell (THE GODFATHER, TAXI DRIVER) and head blasting special effects by gore maestro Tom Savini.  Heavily influenced by Italian horror films of it’s time, this shocking and violent tale is one of the greatest horror films ever made!

35mm sleazy horror trailers before the movie.

And incidentally, the print looks absolutely amazing!  This one is not to be missed.


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