Leslie Nielsen Trivia!

So you’ve had your night out on the town on the 31st.  Followed it up with an epic Grindhouse Triple Feature on the 1st.  Rested on the 2nd (because Sunday is, after all, a day of rest).  And now you’ve got nothing to do with the rest of your year.

Fear not!  Occasional substitute Hollywood manager and trivia jockey extraordinaire is hosting a trivia tribute to the late, the great, Leslie Nielsen!  This is a part of the rockin’ Shanrock’s Trivia brand of trivia, so you know it’s epic (incidentally, my team crushed it on the Freaks and Geeks trivia night last month).

Naked Airplane Trivia!
Monday, Jan. 3rd @ 7:00
Ella Street Social Club @ 714 SW 20th Place
Hosted by Margaret

So grab your copies of Bad Golf My Way/Bad Golf Made Easier, familiarize yourself with his “autobiography” The Naked Truth, rewatch Police Squad/The Naked Gun, Airplane!, and maybe even The Poseidon Adventure.  Things are going to get mighty silly (truth be told, Margaret told me that no studying is necessary).


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