Some Exciting Odds and Ends

The Hollywood Theatre is joining up with the Laurelwood Public House and Brewery for a fundraiser.  Much like the deal with Burgerville, Laurelwood will donate 10% of their sales to the Hollywood Theatre on Tuesday, December 14th from 11 AM to 10 PM.  It’s a great way to give to the theater without having to dig too deep into your pockets (you’re probably already doing that for holiday gifts).

On Tuesday, December 14th from 11am-10pm Portland’s award-winning Laurelwood Public House and Brewery just up the street at 5115 NE Sandy Blvd. will donate 10% of sales that day to us. Why not catch an early dinner, come to the Hollywood for a movie, then return to the Laurelwood for drinks and a movie discussion?

And, I know from all the people so excited to see Strange Powers last week that they forgot it opened today that this news will be joyfully received.  Director Gail O’Hara will be in attendance at the Friday, December 10th show at 7 PM for a Q & A!  This film has been in the works for 10 years, so O’Hara surely must know a thing or two about The Magnetic Fields, so have your questions ready.


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