Grindhouse at the Northwest Film Center

All from the press release:

This Thursday Dec. 2nd and Saturday Dec. 4th at the Northwest Film Center, The Grindhouse Film Festival presents a 35mm print of the ultra-violent samurai vengeance masterpiece SHOGUN ASSASSIN!  I’m presenting this film as part of the Film Center’s current Samurai series.  See it Thursday at 7pm, or Saturday at 9pm, both screenings take place at the Whitsell Auditorium: 1219 SW Park.  Come see how the art crowd reacts to this blood drenched masterpiece.

SHOGUN ASSASSIN (1980) The ultra-violent story of Lone Wolf and Cub!  Tomisaburo Wakayama stars as Lone Wolf, “the greatest samurai in the empire”.  When he is betrayed and his wife murdered by the shogun’s ninjas, he takes his young son on “the road to hell” and seeks out blood soaked vengeance.  Roaming the countryside, they face off with countless ninjas and assassins, and are ultimately led to a confrontation with the Masters of Death, three of the fiercest killers in the history of cinema.  This movie is action packed and relentlessly violent with blood geyser arterial showers at every turn.  As the tagline states: “Meet the greatest team in the history of mass slaughter!”

As always, check out for more info.


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