New King Kong Print Found!

The history of 35mm film prints fascinates me.  There are probably thousands of movies lost to the world due to all manner of reasons.  The studio not caring about the prints or negatives, fires, theft, etc.  The really interesting part is when these movies resurface.  Maybe they weren’t even lost, but the only copies available were in horrible condition.  It doesn’t matter.  The romantic in me wishes I could be lucky enough to find one.  I didn’t even realize collecting 35mm prints was an option until a year ago.  Frequently, I’m visited by pangs of jealousy at our own Dan Halsted’s Indiana Jones-esque quest for a mountain of kung fu prints.

So, when I heard a new print of the original King Kong had been found, I was quite excited and I hope you are, too!Movies Wallpaper: King Kong


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