Grindhouse Film Fest: Crippled Avengers

Tuesday, November 9 — 9:30 PM

I’ve always been resistant to the lure of Kung Fu films, copping out and saying “it’s just not for me.”  But I’ve never actually seen any (OK… I’ve seen Enter the Dragon, to which I get nothing but eye rolls and explanations as to why that doesn’t count).  I’ll officially be popping my Kung Fu cherry Tuesday with Crippled Avengers, which I’ve been assured is one of the best (even being compared to The Five Element Ninjas, which, admittedly, sounded pretty great in the descriptions of the action).  Here’s what Dan has to say:

Tomorrow night at 9:30 at the Hollywood Theatre, The Grindhouse Film Festival presents a rare 35mm print of the incredibly funky kung fu classic CRIPPLED AVENGERS.  There will also be BEER courtesy of Bridgeport Brewery!  Since FIVE ELEMENT NINJAS brought the house down recently, here’s another hit from the same director and cast that’s equally action packed, violent, and amazing.  This is one of the greatest kung fu movies of all time.  All information and advance tickets on the website:

CRIPPLED AVENGERS (1978) The unstoppable Venom Mob star as a group of men each individually attacked and left crippled.  One is blind, one deaf and mute, one legless, and one mentally handicapped.  Now they must each learn unique kung fu to overcome their disabilities and exact revenge on the person responsible: the ruthless man with the iron hands!  Get ready for non-stop martial arts mayhem, brutal violence, weird acrobatics, and funky style.  Directed by Chang Cheh and presented in Shaw Scope.

Since there will be beer served (yay!), the screening is 21+.


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