Staff Halloween Horror Picks: Doug Whyte

Today, we’ve got the Hollywood Theatre Executive Director, Doug Whyte!  While he claims to not be well-versed in horror movies, his picks are more than admirable.  In his words:

At first, I thought I would be clever and name docs that cover scary subjects, such as The Corporation which demonstrates that if US corporations were diagnosed as human beings, they would be labeled sociopaths. But I realized that’s a lame cop-out. That said, some horror films that made a lasting impression:

Phantasm: I found a copy of Fangoria Magazine in an alley when I was young and my friend I read about this film and had his lenient Dad rent it for us. It was one of the first real horror films I ever saw and it freaked me out beyond belief. I had nightmares of that flying silver ball for months.

The Shining: Just a big fan of Kubrick. And Nicholson. Of course.

Eraserhead: Maybe not technically a horror flick, but when I saw this film for the first time it sure messed with my head in a scary way. David Lynch inspired me to make films, even though I ended up making documentaries. But I always tried to go for subject matter that I thought Lynch would appreciate (such as eccentric funeral directors and a Wild West-themed home for the mentally ill.)


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