Grindhouse Double Feature: House by the Cemetery and Zombie

Tuesday, October 26 — House by the Cemetery — 7:30 PM
Zombie — 9:30

First, taken from the release:

Get out your barf bag!  On Tuesday October 26th at the Hollywood Theatre, The Grindhouse Film Festival presents a LUCIO FULCI DOUBLE FEATURE!  35mm prints of splatter-master Lucio Fulci’s legendary gutmunchers HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY (at 7:30) and the audience favorite ZOMBIE (at 9:30).  Ultra-violent 70’s horror trailers before each movie.  Advance tickets are on the website:

HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY (1981) A terrifying tale of gore and sleaze!  A professor moves his wife and creepy ass son into an old cursed house.  It doesn’t take long before blood starts oozing from the walls and the son befriends the ghost of a little girl warning them to leave.  The real horror though is the living, rotting corpse hiding in the basement, who needs to kill to survive.  This is Lucio Fulci at his finest, meaning we’ll see decapitations, impalements, maggots, and the longest rabid bat attack in cinema history, all immersed in Fulci’s masterful atmosphere of terror.  Not to be missed!

ZOMBIE (1979) Fulci’s gutmunching masterpiece about a doctor on a remote island whose experiments have caused the dead to return to life.  A group of Americans visit the island in search of the doctor, and are drawn into a ferocious battle with the flesh eating walking dead.  Backed by Fabio Frizzi’s synthesized soundtrack, zombies rise from the grave, humans are ruthlessly attacked, a zombie fights a shark, and all gory hell breaks loose!  “We are going to EAT YOU!”

More importantly (from my perspective, at least), I’ve actually seen both of these films before!  Unlike with many Grindhouse screenings, I can actually attest to the awesomeness of these films (I have about zero knowledge of kung fu movies, something Dan never fails to tell me to remedy).  House by the Cemetery has one of the creepiest third acts I’ve ever seen and the zombie vs. shark fight mentioned above, not even the best part of Zombie!

I’ll be praying that my little sister’s flight from Pennsylvania gets in early, otherwise we’ll miss the boss trailers before the show (yes, my little sister agreed to be whisked from the airport right to the theater for this event because she is awesome).


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