Video Gong Show Finale!

Thursday, October 21 — 8:00 PM

The Video Gong Show Finale is finally here!  Some of our contestants have been waiting since the end of July for the chance to win the prize package from Picture This worth over $1000.  All the more time to ponder what they’ll do with the winnings, I suppose.

I spoke of my experience at the Video Gong Show before (and told you about telling you about that experience), but this will be completely different.  For one, it’s being held at the Hollywood Theatre.  I’m certain many of the contestants didn’t believe that their short films would get to be seen on the big screen, but now they’ve got their chance.

Another difference is that we know going in that the quality will be a bit higher.  This leaves us, the viewer, with the responsibility to be extra critical of these films.  You can’t just have anyone walking away with the grand prize.  These films must be held to a higher standard.  We would be remiss if we did not yell with all of our might for the unworthy films to be cast aside while those truly qualified shall be elevated to the status of gods (that may be an overstatement).  Now, I happen to have a friend in the finals, so none of that applies to me.  It’s my sole duty to ensure the prize is given to this person.

My recommendation is to show up early and head out for some drinks (my recommendation is The Moon and Sixpence), and come in lively spirit for a great time.  Our guest judges will be: Aaron Mesh (Willamette Week film editor), C.K. Lichtenstein (indie filmmaker extraordinaire), and Richard Beer (Film Action Oregon’s Artistic Director).  In addition, we’ll have musical guest, Twins. And a special shout out to Rhythm Traders for the boss gong!

For all of those curious Nellie’s out there, here are the finalists:
“Mutate” by Sven Bonnichsen
“Sandwish” by Kate Reynolds and Erika Valenciana
“Chef Antonio” by Matthew Dan
“Tandem Hearts” by Jon Garcia
“ULA” by Noah Hale
“Cat Video for Jen” by Michael Hurd
“The Picture Dance” by Anthony Schilling
“Space Bugs” by Jesse Blanchard
“O Yea” by Aurora Halal
“Peeved” by Ellen Glines
“Butch/Femme” by Viva Soffian
“Run for Your Life” by Jesse Blanchard
“My Wet Pussy Cat” by Andrea Arbuckle
“Spaceman Blues”
“Slop” An Urban Feedery” by Mikey Kampman and Andrew Michaan


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