Wednesday, October 13 — 7 PM

Women are greatly underrepresented in the world of film, at least in the high profile areas of directing, producing, cinematography, and screenwriting.  While their are several examples of women making strides into more prominent roles (other than eye candy in big budget pictures), they are still few and far between, though Kathryn Bigelow’s recent Oscar win is a big step (for my money, though, she should have won for Point Break.  That movie rocks!).

Lunafest is dedicated to “by, for, and about women” and is presenting ten short films that meet those criteria.  One of the issues always in the background of film is do women and men make different kinds of films?  Not genres, of course, but do they shoot or approach character and content in particular way?  Is there a male gaze inherent in film?  I tend to wish women would get more involved in making horror films to see what sort of commentary they could provide on the genre tropes and female representation, not to mention the occasionally misogynistic  attitudes present.  These issues may not be outright present at Lunafest, but they will be there nonetheless.  If you have any observations on the subject, be sure to see me and tell me about it.  I’m always down for a good film chat.


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