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Tis the season.  I love October.  As far as months go, it’s my favorite.  Lovely, cool weather.  Leaves changing.  The smell in the air.  The sunlight seems to be constantly set at “magic hour.”  Playoff baseball.  And, of course, Halloween.

Pumpkin carving.  Costumes.  Candy.  (Lists).  And scary movies.  I’ve been known to schedule month-long horror movie fests for friends (two or three a night).  I’ll wake up first thing in the morning and pop in a horror movie to watch with my morning oatmeal (I was tried strawberry jam on toast, but it looked a bit too much like the blood on screen and kind of messed with my head).

And just in time for October, the Hollywood Theatre is bringing you Colin, a zombie movie told from the perspective of a zombie.  It showed at Cannes and got much attention for allegedly being shot for only 45 pounds (I don’t know how to find the symbol for pound on my computer) and shot on a standard Panasonic mini-DV recorder.  One of the things I’ve always loved about the horror genre is how the low-budget seems to wiggle through the tangle of films and get seen some way or another.  Lots of interesting filmmakers started out in the genre (Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson, John Sayles as a writer, Joe Dante, etc.), so it’s always interesting to see a first time filmmaker pop up with something unique.


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