Film Action Oregon Changing to The Hollywood Theatre on Facebook

If you’re already a fan of Film Action Oregon on Facebook, then this news is old hat to you.  In fact, you’ve probably already become a fan of The Hollywood Theatre and would like us to drop the subject all together.  All in good time my friends.

You see, this is a multi-pronged attack.  To borrow (read: steal) from The Simpsons, there’s the subliminal, liminal, and superliminal approaches to getting the word out, the latter entails us walking out onto Sandy Boulevard shouting loudly for people to become of fan of the Hollywood Theatre Facebook page (OK, so there’s really only the one approach and that falls under “liminal” which isn’t even a real word according to the WordPress spell check).

The Hollywood Theatre.  It’s the name you know.  The name you love.  The name you’ll find on Facebook.


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