Animate It!

When I was a kid, I was so busy wrapped up in my own world of various sports, piano lessons (well, I didn’t really want to be wrapped up in those), and other sorts of childhood whimsies that I never even considered making my own films, short or otherwise.  In fact, that thought didn’t come to me until I was much older at an age when I’d be the one responsible for funding my projects.  It’s in light of this that I am intensely jealous of all the 10-12 year olds in the Portland area because they have the chance to make their very own stop-motion sequences.

Film Action Oregon, in partnership with Ackerman Films and Studio 13, are giving these kids the opportunity to work under Dan Ackerman (whose work you can view here) using professional equipment to produce their work.  It’s not often that I’d like to return to my pre-teen years (like many, I went through an awkward phase), but this sounds like a lot of fun.

And because there’s nothing like directness, I’m just going to copy the critical details from the press release (added bonus, I won’t forget anything important).

WHERE: Studio 13 – 13 NW 13th, Portland, OR 97209

WHEN: October 11 – 21, 2010                                     Mon, Tue, Thur, 4:00-7:00 PM                                   Total of SIX (6) sessions

TUITION: Just $200, including all equipment, materials.  Reserve a spot by calling 503.493.1128, visiting us on the web at, or at the Hollywood Theatre box office.

Proceeds from Animate It! will help provide scholarships for under-served youth to attend Project Youth Doc, Film Action Oregon’s summer camp for young filmmakers. Visit to learn more.


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