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Video Gong Show: Round 3! at Beulahland

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 — 8 PM at Beulahland

I’ve told you once before about my experience at the Video Gong Show, so now is your chance to go or be a part of it!  You’ll have the chance to eat, drink, be merry, and get free passes to the Hollywood Theatre all while enjoying the closest thing film gets to an open mic night (just with more audience participation).  If you get to Beulahland a bit early, they have a Happy Hour from 4-7 PM that just might lubricate your vocal cords appropriately.

For those who may wish to enter a film, technically today is the last day for submissions, but I have it on good authority that there is some wiggle room on that deadline (wiggly enough for submissions to be accepted before the event).  Submissions can be dropped off at the Hollywood Theatre or taken to Beulahland before the show on Wednesday.  And what’s at stake?  A prize package from Picture This worth $1000 among other things!  If your film proves popular, it will move on to the finals at the Hollywood Theatre on October 21 to compete for the prizes.

See you there!  Now indulge me with many clips from The Gong Show to set the mood.


Friction Event

Saturday, September 25, 2010 — 7 PM

OK… so that post title sounds a bit dirty, but I assure you it’s not.  And Friction is also a cleverer title than it seems.  Here… let’s try this: FrICTION.  There we go.  It’s working on multiple levels now!

So what’s the event all about?  It’s the first night that FrICTION will be showing at the Hollywood Theatre and there is a reception the screening with many of the cast a crew present.  Tickets for the event on Saturday are $10, but the rest of the week (until October 30) they will be regular theater pricing.

I’d love to tell you what it’s about, but it’s all pretty mystifying.  Taken from the Hollywood emailing:

Weaving the original “intended” film with rehearsals and documentary elements, FrICTION breaks the wall that separates fiction from reality, challenging the very real lives of everyone involved. What remains is a one of a kind story that will leave you guessing long after its shattering conclusion.

I don’t really know how to decipher that, so I’ll let you watch the trailer to see if you can piece it all together.  If not, I suggest you come down to the Hollywood Theatre to check it out. One thing I do know is that it’s directed by Cullen Hoback, who directed the highly entertaining documentary Monster Camp.

Winter’s Bone

Starting Friday, September 24

Winner of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival’s Grand Jury Prize and Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award, this tense, naturalistic thriller follows 17-year-old Ree Dolly as she confronts the local criminal underworld and the harsh Ozark wilderness in order to track down her father, who has put up the family homestead for his bail. If she fails, Ree and her family will be thrown out of their home.

Challenging her outlaw kin’s code of silence and risking her life, Ree hacks through the lies, evasions and threats offered up by her relatives and begins to piece together the truth.

I don’t think that description really does the film justice.  Desolation practically drips off the screen.  Director Debra Granik (who apparently really likes making movies with “bone” in the title) makes great use of the barren landscape of Missouri.  I love seeing a new talent that clearly has an eye for beautiful composition and Winter’s Bone is going to look amazing on the big screen.  I am incredibly excited for it to come to the Hollywood.

The Return of The Secret of Kells!

Wednesday, September 29 2010 — 7:15 PM

Weeks ago, when I had to tell people that it was the last week for The Secret of Kells, well, I sort of lied.  In my defense, I didn’t know the inner workings of FilmActionOregon/Hollywood Theatre were conspiring to bring such a fantastic opportunity to the theater.

Not only will you once again get to see The Secret of Kells on the big screen, but director Tomm Moore and art director Ross Stewart will be in attendance for a Q&A after the film!  It’s truly a unique work of art and if you haven’t seen the trailer, I implore you to check it out below:

Finally, gave the event a nice little write-up on their blog (I know, a blog citing a blog… will the universe collapse in on itself?).

Get your tickets early because space is limited!  You can buy them online or go to the FilmAction offices during the day or the Hollywood Theatre in the evening.

Waking Sleeping Beauty

Beginning Friday, September 24

I doubt that I’m the only one that grew up in a Disney family.  Perhaps the only things that came close to a love of Disney animation were The Muppets and Peanuts (and the former is now under Disney management).  There are even designs to sprinkle my dad’s ashes around Disney world when he one day passes (but Shhhhh!  Don’t tell anyone).  My family’s VHS collection was dominated by those over-sized book boxes the Disney tapes came in (dominated is a bit of an understatement).  So Waking Sleeping Beauty is of great personal interest to me.

After a considerable drought, the mid-80s to mid-90s saw a return to form for Disney’s animation department.  Just look at the films they made: The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King.  Waking Sleeping Beauty tells that story in the words of those who lived it.  You’ll hear from Tim Burton, John Lasseter (Pixar big shot), Jeffrey Katzenberg (of Dreamworks), Michael Eisner, and Roy E. Disney amongst many others.

I’m missed my chance to see it at PIFF, so I’m looking forward to seeing it now.  My family would be disappointed if I didn’t.

Hollywood Hootenanny!

Saturday, September 19, 2010 — 12 PM to 4 PM

What happens when the Film Action Oregon teams up with Whole Foods for their 30th Anniversary?  Well, it’s right there in the title of the post.

I’m just going to steal much of the info from the press release because it’s Friday evening, but also because I love the alliteration in the first paragraph:

The Whole Foods Market Hollywood Hootenanny is a fun, family friendly street fair featuring Handmade NW Artisans, fantastic food from our favorite vendors, hula dancing, live music, and kid’s activities.

Admission to the event is free but all proceeds from food sold at the grill will benefit Film Action Oregon and the Hollywood, including $5 Burgers and Hot Dogs (which include chips and a drink) and $3 Strawberry Shortcake!

The action take place at 4301 NE 41st Avenue and you can find more information on the Whole Foods calendar page.

Queen of the Sun

You know those cards with the woman covered in bees at the box office at the Hollywood Theatre?  I know you do.  I’ve heard the cries of astonishment (well, perhaps “cries” is a bit of an overstatement, but the point remains).  Perhaps overshadowed by that striking image is the name of the film, Queen of the Sun (and this may be the case, as I’ve heard many refer to it simply as the “bee” movie, which isn’t to be confused with Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie).

Queen of the Sun will be showing at the Hollywood Theatre starting tomorrow and running for the whole week.  Not just showing: this is the World Theatrical Premiere!  This isn’t just an ordinary screening.  There is a ton of hullabaloo going on in conjunction that is really too much for me to paraphrase, so I’ll just give you a list.

  • Beekeeper

    See? Now you remember.

    Mayor Sam Adams will introduce the film on Friday the 17th at 7:30PM.

  • A Honeybee Costume Contest on Saturday the 18th at 9:30 PM.
  • Special Equinox Screening Tuesday the 21 at 7:30 PM.
  • Q&A’s
  • Raffles
  • And more!

Perhaps it’s best if I just direct you to a more thorough page.