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Five Element Ninjas!

Once again, stealing from Dan Halstead’s release because he’s just better at this sort of thing than I am:

Wednesday at 7:00 pm at the Hollywood Theatre, The Grindhouse Film Festival presents the only known 35mm print of the Shaw Brothers kung fu masterpiece FIVE ELEMENT NINJAS!  This movie is funky, violent, homoerotic, and mind-blowingly amazing.  It’s one of the coolest movies ever made.  Don’t miss this chance to see it on the big screen for the first time in over 25 years.

FIVE ELEMENT NINJAS (aka CHINESE SUPER NINJAS) (1982) Two warring clans challenge each other to a tournament, employing a wide array of insane martial arts weaponry.  The losing clan seeks revenge by hiring the Five Element Ninjas to kill their rivals.  The Five Elements (Gold, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth) massacre everyone in ultra-violent funkdafied fashion and prove to be unstoppable.  When they turn on their employers, it’s up to some young warriors to learn the art of the ninja in order to destroy them.  Extremely gory and packed with kung fu excitement, this movie is incredibly entertaining.  Directed by Chang Cheh, starring the Venom Mob, and presented in Shaw Scope.

Buy advance tickets and watch the trailer on the website:


The Girl Who Played With Fire and book adaptations

On the heels of the immensely popular The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the Hollywood Theatre starts screening the sequel, The Girl Who Played with Fire today.  Now, I’ve never read any of the books and to be honest, hadn’t heard of them until we started screening Dragon Tattoo, so I’m a little late to this party.  However, lots of you have read the novels and spoke very highly of the adaptation from book to film.  Some even called it the best they’d ever seen.

With that as a jumping off point, I’m here to pose the question as to what you believe to be the greatest book-to-film adaptation you’ve ever seen is.  I’ll give my thoughts in a moment, but in pondering this question, I realized just how many films of books I’ve seen without having read the source material.  I promise that I do read, but they don’t seem to be able to adapt my favorites (such as A Confederacy of Dunces, which is probably for the best).   Sadly, this means my options are quite diminished and I can’t include the likes of A Clockwork Orange (or nearly all of Kubrick’s films, save one), Bubba Ho-Tep, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, or any Stephen King (save one) among countless others.  So here are some of my choices:

1. High Fidelity — Even if the film makes me wonder why Rob would even want to get back together with Laura.  The spirit of the book remains in tact after a trip from London to Chicago.

2. Let the Right One In — No surprise since the author of the book scripted the movie (though that’s no guarantee for success).  The book offers a few more surprises, but the film is a masterful, minimalist work that focuses on the most important aspects of the novel.

3. The Shining — It’s the “save one” mentioned twice above!  Actually, the film greatly surpasses the novel, which was a fairly clunky read for me.  Kubrick practically hypnotizes the audience.  And I’m practically shivering thinking about the setting as I type.

All right now!  Let’s hear what you got.

Cropsey on TV!

Recently, we had the pleasure of screening the film Cropsey and hosting co-director Joshua Zeman (you can read my interview with him here).  Well, Cropsey is hitting the small screen and the AVClub has a review of the film.  So if you happen to get Investigation Discovery, check it out!

Winnebago Man

Starts Friday, August 13, 2010

He captured America’s heart in a flurry of expletives, forever embedding himself in the public consciousness.  Or at least everyone who passes around YouTube videos.  Now’s your chance to get to know the man behind the temper!  Here’s the trailer, but more importantly, below that is the original video.  Very NSFW.