Gone With the Pope

Because I’m not nearly as clever or eloquent as The Hollywood Theatre’s projectionist, Dan Halstead, I’ll steal his words about this upcoming event…

This Saturday July 17th at 7:30 pm at the Hollywood Theatre, The Grindhouse Film Festival presents the only 35mm print of Duke Mitchell’s long lost GONE WITH THE POPE.

Duke Mitchell was a renowned nightclub singer known as “Mr. Palm Springs” who later in life turned to directing the cult classic Godfather-ripoff MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE, before dying in 1981.  In the 1990’s, exploitation fans Sage (son of Sylvester) Stallone and Bob Murawski tracked down Mitchell’s son to talk about Massacre Mafia Style, and ended up being handed five hours of footage from Mitchell’s last uncompleted film.  It had been shot in 1976, but never finished, as Mitchell ran out of funding.

It took 15 years of work, in his spare time between working on Sam Raimi’s movies and winning an Oscar for editing The Hurt Locker, but Bob Murawski finally finished editing the film into a 90 minute movie.  GONE WITH THE POPE is the story of low level gangsters who hatch a plan to kidnap the pope and blackmail every Catholic in the world.  It premiered in LA this spring to rave reviews, and is now coming to Portland for a one time screening!  This is the only 35mm print of the film, and it is not available on dvd.  Watch the trailer and buy advance tickets on the website: www.grindhousefilmfest.com

Well stated, Dan.  Well stated.

Here’s the trailer, which is unsurprisingly NSFW:


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