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Happy Birthday, Mel Brooks!

Were I to acknowledge the birthday’s of every person who has made an impact on film, I’d have to post birthday wishes every day of the year.  However, having skipped out on Bruce Campbell’s birthday on June 22nd (sorry Bruce!) I feel even more compelled to acknowledge Mel Brooks’ special day.

Not only did Mel Brooks (along with Monty Python and Leslie Nielson) help to form my sense of humor in my youth, but my trivia team recently won on a theme night dedicated solely to him (a $25 voucher for the bar in which it took place plus $2.5 happy hour during trivia equals a good night!).  I feel even more compelled to bring attention to this day because there were only two other teams present!  Clearly, Mel Brooks has fallen out of the public consciousness.  Sounds ridiculous, right?  So, in celebration, I leave you with these clips.  Happy 84th birthday, Melvin Kaminsky!


The Good, the Bad, and the Weird

Monday, June 21 to Thursday June 24 at 9 PM

Having worked at the Portland International Film Festival (or PIFF, for those into brevity) this year in a box office/ticket-taking capacity, I had the inside track to purchase tickets for one of the sold out screenings of The Good, the Bad, and the Weird.  I couldn’t have been happier.

The film is one easily the best time I’ve had at the theater this year.  Of course, I’m a sucker for immense chases and Mexican stand-offs, which GBD delivers in spades (the choreography of the desert chase is some of the best I’ve ever seen).  The film is directed by Ji-Woon Kim, who gave us the intensely creepy A Tale of Two Sisters, and the enjoyable crime thriller, A Bittersweet Life.  Kim is quickly becoming one of my most reliable filmmakers working and is proving to be a master of several genres.

Bike Ride and Field Guide to November Days

Join in the Pedalpalooza fun with the  Independent Film Bike Ride Wednesday, June 16!  We’ll be meeting at the historic Hollywood Theatre at 5:30 PM and riding with director Nick Peterson, whose film, Field Guide to November Days, will be screening after the ride at 7PM and was filmed entirely by bike!  During the ride, we will be speaking with Peterson about his experiences shooting a film with his bike and sharing information about filmmaking resources in Portland.  Having tried to use my bike to film something, I can tell you, it’s tough work.

Come out a join in new and old Portland institutions!

Raw Faith

Coming back by (immensely) popular demand is Raw Faith! For those who don’t know — and judging by the crowds, it seems like very few don’t —

This surprisingly open and revealing documentary follows two years in the private life of a minister. Marilyn Sewell is successful and beloved in the pulpit, but behind the scenes she is lonely and yearning for change. As she considers leaving the ministry, she realizes she will be leaving her only social network. Yet when she falls in love for the first time, she realizes she does not trust intimacy. A study in contrasts, Marilyn must rely on raw faith as she questions her future, her difficult past, her God and, most importantly, her ability to love.

The preceding blurb was taken from the official site.

After three (!) sell out screenings two weekends ago, Raw Faith will be showing this Saturday, June 12 at 1 and 3 PM.  Other screenings are scheduled for:

Saturday, June 19 — 1 and 3 PM

Friday, June 25 — 7 PM

Saturday, June 26 — 1 and 3 PM

Get your tickets early, because enthusiasm is high!

Hollywood Theatre Blog Gets Its Act Together

I’m sorry that there hasn’t been anything posted here for a while (ok… quite a while), but that’s all going to change!

Right now, we’re showing the documentary 180 Degrees South, Oscar-winner for Best Foreign Language film The Secret in Their Eyes, Michel Gondry’s documentary on his aunt The Thorn in the Heart (for which Gondry recently blessed Hollywood with his presence), and the insanely popular The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, recently a hit at PIFF.

And of course, it wouldn’t be the Hollywood Theatre without a special screening.  This Thursday (June 3), we’ll be showing Gift to Winter, a documentary about the Winter Solstice Puppet Collective and their annual (free!) show on, well, the winter solstice.