Grindhouse: Death Chamber (aka Shaolin Temple)

Wednesday, March 31 — 7:30 PM

The Hollywood Grindhouse series REVENGE OF THE OLD SCHOOL KUNG FU MASTERS begins Wednesday with Death Chamber (aka Shaolin Temple)!  Instead of me rewording what has already been written (and written better than what I would come up with) I’ll take the synopsis from the Grindhouse Film Fest site:

Death Chamber (aka Shaolin Temple) (1976) The epic story of the destruction of the Shaolin Temple! A group of men undergo elaborate training at the Temple to learn a wide array of kung fu styles and deadly techniques. But, Shaolin has a traitor in its midst who is reporting to the evil Manchu government. Soon, there is a huge martial arts showdown when the Manchus declare Shaolin as enemies, and raid the temple to kill everyone inside. This is the Ocean’s 11 of mid 70’s Shaw Brothers films, with all of their major stars from the time (it also features Fu Sheng fighting wooden robots). Directed by Chang Cheh.

Death Chamber is presented by the Hollywood’s own Dan Halstead from his personal collection of 35mm prints (you can find out more about his discovery of rare Shaw Brothers prints in Vancouver here).  All of the films shown in this series are the only known prints, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Volunteer passes are accepted and you can pre-order tickets here.

Now, for a taste of what to expect:


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