The Road

I’m just going to lay out the things we know:

1.  The source material was written by Cormac McCarthy.

2.  No Country for Old Men (also based on a McCarthy novel) is a great film.

3.  It’s directed by John Hillcoat, who directed the AMAZING and harrowing The Proposition.

4.  Nick Cave (who wrote The Proposition) and Warren Ellis (not the comic writer) did the score.

5.  Viggo Mortenson stars and has been doing nothing but great work the past few years.

6.  Just look at the shooting locations.  Its practically a local film!

7.  It’s a tale of post-apocalyptic survival!  Those are always great!

Admittedly, the film may not be for all tastes, but with that pedigree, it’s definitely a must-see.


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