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Broken Embraces

Pedro Almodovar‘s new film, Broken Embraces hits The Hollywood Theatre this Friday (January 29th 2010)!  Almodovar has a history of making interesting and challenging films and this proves to be no exception.  Collaborating for the fourth time with him is Penelope Cruz, who is practically becoming the Johnny Depp to Almodovar’s Tim Burton.  If you like a film that is going to make you think long after you leave the theater, the Broken Embraces is definitely going to offer you that chance.


The Road

I’m just going to lay out the things we know:

1.  The source material was written by Cormac McCarthy.

2.  No Country for Old Men (also based on a McCarthy novel) is a great film.

3.  It’s directed by John Hillcoat, who directed the AMAZING and harrowing The Proposition.

4.  Nick Cave (who wrote The Proposition) and Warren Ellis (not the comic writer) did the score.

5.  Viggo Mortenson stars and has been doing nothing but great work the past few years.

6.  Just look at the shooting locations.  Its practically a local film!

7.  It’s a tale of post-apocalyptic survival!  Those are always great!

Admittedly, the film may not be for all tastes, but with that pedigree, it’s definitely a must-see.

The Hurt Locker

While it already had a release earlier in the year, Kathryn Bigelow‘s The Hurt Locker is now playing.  If you missed it the first time around, I cannot recommend seeing it on the big screen highly enough.  For my money, the opening scene was best, most intense moment in film in 2009.  The use of the super-slow motion is positively breathtaking.  Oh yeah, the rest of the film is pretty good, too, with lots of interesting actors popping up.  Kathryn Bigelow really knows how to direct action.

Lords of Nature

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 – 7 PM

Lords of Nature is from the Oregon-based production company, Green Fire Productions.  The film examines if the success of nature’s top predators is vital to the survival of all animals and the maintenance of ecosystems.  Peter Coyote narrates (and was cast not just for his predator-ial last name, he’s got quite a resume!).  Check out the trailer below (or both if one isn’t enough for you):

View trailer 1

View trailer 2

Brutal Beauty: Tales of the Rose City Rollers

Saturday, January 9 — 7 PM

Maybe you’ve seen the flyers around Portland.  Maybe you’ve run into some of them at special events (perhaps The Hollywood Theatre’s own Casino Night).  Maybe you’ve gone to see them in action.  Regardless of how you know them, and you certainly know them,  the Hollywood Theatre is giving  Rose City Rollers documentary it’s World Premiere!  If you’ve always been curious about roller derby or want to know more about it, come down and check the film out.  The film is directed by Chip Mabry and, full disclosure, was produced in partnership with Film Action Oregon.  That doesn’t make it any less true that you’ll have a great time!

View the trailer

The Vanished Empire

Wednesday, January 6 — 7 PM

Thursday, January, 7 — 7 PM

Set in the 1970’s at a Moscow university, The Vanished Empire follows three students (two men and a woman) weave through the expected complications of a love triangle while dealing with a time of great change, both in themselves and for their country.  Karen Shakhnazarov directs  this critically lauded film with a style that reflects the setting.  Just look what the top critics at are saying!  Purchase tickets here.